Meet R-Swift & Preston

On Tuesday July 30 at 7:30 Los Angeles Time, in the finale of our series of conversations with artists you’ll have the opp to go behind the scenes in the life of poet and lyrical evangelist R-Swift! R-Swift makes it his duty to show the love of Christ Jesus through his lifestyle, spreading the gospel of reconciliation to all who will hear. From nightclubs to corner cypha’s to underground hip-hop spots. Wherever the Lord sends him, he goes with the same message: Christ and him crucified.

You’ll also meet Preston Perry has been a long standing featured poet with P4CM. He’s known for his convicting and thought provoking poetry that REALLY pushes people to Christ. We praise God for Preston’s unadulterated approach in bringing light to real life in your face issues that are seldom spoken of in a real and objectionable way. Soul Ties & Chicago’s Hope are some of the examples of Preston’s pieces that touch the core of all who listen!

Join in on the fun and get to know them both.

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