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 March 1st 2014 rose to meet Preston Perry and Jackie Hill Perry in Chicago, IL with a beautiful array of black, white, love and honor. Jackie’s exceptionally beautiful hair, makeup, and dress and Preston’s dapper appearance made this particular stop in their Journey to Covenant all the more sweet.

P4CM worked with Perswayed Films to bring you some exclusive footage from their special day as part of the video series you’ve been enjoying over the past few months.

We’re privileged to hear from some of the couple’s loved ones this time around as Janette..ikz, Ezekiel Azonwu and the mother of the bride and father of the groom take a moment to share their sentiments as Preston and Jackie tie the knot between themselves and God.

“It’s really exciting to see all of the support coming from everybody around the world.” says Ezekiel Azonwu. Now you might not have the entire globe rooting for you like the pair in question, but it’s important for any single person, or couple serious about their courtship, engagement and marriage to have a sound support system in their endeavors to pursue righteousness within their current and future spheres of life and love. Preston’s dad later advises the newlyweds against allowing other people to come between them, a note we should all imprint upon our hearts. We’re all too familiar with people getting in our business, whether that be because we’re momma’s boys, daddy’s girls, or because our loved ones or community of faith tend to be a tad bit nosy and far too opinionated about our lifestyles and choices. But since we are in this world, and not of it, we should try our best to cultivate strong bonds with men and women who can offer wise counsel and love during the seasons which test our faith and produce endurance. If you do not yet have a circle of supporters you can trust, or perhaps if you’re too stubborn or proud to reach out or accept help, why don’t you open yourself to this?

Once in a while, we become excited about the prettiness of a thing. And yes, the union of one of the most prominent duos in the Christian poetry world had its fair share of “gorgeous”. I think those qualities are beautiful to admire, after all, every good thing comes from above. However, in all our giggles and “aawww cute” moments, the greatest pleasure is being reminded that our credible highs and devastating lows are part of something bigger. “God has brought these two people together to glorify His Kingdom” remarks Janette..ikz. How amazing is that? Are you as excited about being able to contribute to the work of the Lord in your singleness, courtship and marriage as you are excited about sharing your life with someone? Linda Hill-Brown gushes with pride as she considers the impact that Preston and Jackie have made and can make within their particular field of ministry. Are we as enamored about the difference we can make for God? We should be, after all, who are we that God should be mindful of us and consider us earthen vessels, fit to hold but a fraction of His power?

Though many couples would focus their wedding day solely on the joining of two, Preston and Jackie have kept in mind that it is indeed a three-strand cord that cannot be broken. Celebrating Christ was a thread tightly woven between the decor, pearls adorning the necks of the bridal party and fun had by all. We witness a moving rendition of Willam McDowell’s “Withholding Nothing” and see the couple partaking in communion symbols after saying their vows, which itself was quite special. Both Preston and Jackie appear nervous, and share spurts of laughter as Preston’s pastor encourages them to get closer. True to her sense of humour, Jackie adds her own spin to the repeat-after-me’s and concludes with “to the corpse”, formerly known as “til death do us part”.

Preston’s father, Maverick Perry encourages the couple to be prepared to compromise and trusts that they will go far because of what they believe in. In addition, Linda-Hill Brown cautions that they think before they speak and have no more than two children!

“I’ve watched them grow from literally, ground zero, to here, where they are. They’re in a place where God actually has them. He’s teaching them, he’s building them and he’s shaping them. I’ve seen them struggle, I’ve seen them cry,  I’ve seen them have their testimonies molded, even for, even for this day. And this day is really just the beginning.” – Ezekiel Azonwu

“For them to come together above all those obstacles, I just know it’s God’s work.” – Linda Hill-Brown

Thank you to everyone who has generously contributed to the PJ Perry Wedding Fund and assisted in making their wedding as beautiful as we know their marriage will be fruitful. Let’s continue praying for them and trusting that the Holy Spirit will lead them in all truth.

To Preston and Jackie, “And now, abide in faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

We’d like to hear how Preston and Jackie have encouraged you. Feel free to share your story in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

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