Our Core Values

Biblically Grounded – Our foundation and guide is God’s word.

Passionate – We’re zealous for Christ, His mission, and His heart and we express it in all we do because want the whole world to know.

Excellence­ – We always give our best effort in all we do since Christ gave it all on the cross.

Integrity – We are accountable to our commitments and true to our principles as Christians.

Humility – Christ’s example of sacrifice makes us dependent upon the Holy Spirit for strength, keeps us willing to admit where we’re wrong or need correction, and helps us recognize our need of others.

Team – We build kingdom connections and work together within the diversity of God’s Family.

Continuous Improvement – Even when we do our best, we look for opportunities to learn from our experiences then work smarter and harder.

Fun – There is freedom in Christ to be the special creation God made you so do it and have a good time doing it when you can.