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canden & maliek - e1

In this opening episode of P4CM’s Here 4 The Comments, Canden & Maliek explore Nike Campaigns, Aged-Out Friendships and the elaborate Homegoing of the Queen of Soul.

Hosts: @CandenWebb, @MaliekBlade

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Here 4 the Comments Podcast

Here 4 the Comments is a media outlet exploring the Culture from a Christian perspective. The new podcast uses humor and deep thought to engage millennials and spark up conversations that beg for attention in the new age. Hosts, Canden Webb and Maliek Blade leave nothing off limits in the show, comprised mostly of guest interviews, listener letters and fresh topics. Listeners are sure to leave equally inspired and entertained. Whether you are a personality is more "fly under the radar" or "sound-off loud and clear" when it comes to relative issues, it's safe to admit we're all Here 4 the Comments.

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