R16 Campaign Posters

What's Your Campaign?

RHETORIC 2016 is The Campaign

It's election season in America so we decided to make our theme for RHETORIC 2016 "The Campaign." You may have already seen the campaign posters for some of the Featured Artists. Our leadership team decided to make some too!

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Join The Campaign

When tickets go on sale June 20th, we will flood the internet with our campaign posters and we want you to join in and tell us what you are campaigning for. It’s simple and only needs 5 things.

  1. A picture of your lovely face
  2. #RHETORIC2016 hashtag and @p4cm handle
  3. The EXACT phrase “What’s Your Campaign?”
  4. A 1-3 word campaign
  5. A short description of your campaign

Look on this page for examples from our team if you want some inspiration. If you’re not a photoshop expert, you can use a free online app called Canva to make it. If you are on mobile, just use the Moldiv App.

You Could Win a Private VIP Backstage Tour

We are going to pick one of you who participate on the 20th to give a special package to. We will upgrade whatever ticket you purchase to the show to include access to the preshow meet and greet with the artists plus an individual tour with our Marketing Director backstage before the show to take an exclusive behind the scenes view of RHETORIC!

When you post, please just add these hashtags. #RHETORIC2016 #TheCampaign #WhatsYourCampaign so we can find you.

[bctt tweet="Join @p4cm and #RHETORIC2016 #TheCampaign and tell us know #WhatsYourCampaign" username=""]