RHETORIC 2018 – The Event




August 10, 2018 from 5:30 PM to 10:30 PM


Abundant Living Family Church10900 Civic Center DrRancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

So Many Reasons To Be at RHETORIC

1. Jesus + Creativity

P4CM exists to inspire a Passion for Christ and spark a movement that spans across the globe. We use the creative arts to help do that and RHETORIC is a marquee night of just that with poetry, music and fellowship.

2. A clean, fun night out

People have been coming to RHETORIC since it was a small event in a warehouse in downtown LA. It’s grown because it’s a fun night where you can laugh, learn, be edified, and enjoy a night with some friends. And hey, 3 people have gotten engaged at RHETORIC and we lost track of how many couples got started there so you may find your boo if you’re looking.

3. Amazing food in LA and vendors

We have some of the best food trucks in Los Angeles that come out to the show. So you’ll have some great eats while you’re there. And the food trucks sell out of food so get there early and enjoy. You’ll also get to choose some nice merchandise from several wonderful vendors.

4. It’s the best event of its kind

P4CM didn’t start spoken word poetry, but like Apple, we take a great thing God gave us and use the gifts he gave us to make it outstanding. People travel from around the world to watch this show. We’ve had folks from all over the US as well as Europe, the UK, Sub-Saharan Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. Come see why folks come from so far.


If you need a place to stay…

Making Reservations:

A dedicated offer code is now available for your guests to book their hotel rooms online. Reservations can be made starting today at Hyatt.com by entering G-GPFC into the Corporate or Group Code Box.

(See Example Below)

Be sure to fill in the date of arrival and departure or the code will not work.

You may also make a reservation by calling 1-909-980-2200 and referring to reservations for the Passion 4 Christ group (G-GPFC) to receive the special discounted rate of $129 per night (plus applicable taxes) for a room with a King Bed or a room with (2) Queen Beds


People from all over and all backgrounds have loved it and you will too!

Get Your Tickets Now

This is an amazing night you won’t want to miss.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do you offer refunds?

We offer refunds until the week of the show. Since we often sell out, we do that so you don’t wait until the last minute to ask for a refund and prevent other folks who would have had a chance to come from getting a ticket.

How do I get my ticket?

It will be emailed to you or you can use the Eventbrite mobile app to bring your ticket with you.

Will it be fun?

It will be the most fun you had this summer if not all year. And it’s good, clean, edifying fun.

How can I volunteer to help at the show?

You’re just trying to see it for free, huh? ???? It’s all good, we love the help. Click here to volunteer.

How can I perform on the show?

We have auditions for open mic slots. Click here to see if they are still open. If they’re not, just wait until next year.

Can my X year old child come?

Children of any age can come. Since the power of people’s testimonies means their stories can have an ugly beginning, artists do touch topics that parents may have to explain. They are done in a redemptive and tasteful way though. Those have included, but aren’t limited to abortion, body image, sexual assault, drug use, violence, race issues, politics, homosexuality, and overeating.

Do I need to buy a ticket for my X year old child?

If they are going to use a seat, they need a ticket. Generally, that has meant if a child is older than 3, they need a ticket.

Is there a child price?

There is no child ticket price. And come on now, you know that new movie, John Legend, Beyonce, Justin Bieber or Fred Hammond ticket costs more than ours. ???? And our proceeds are going to running P4CM whose primary purpose is to spread the gospel.

Are there group discounts?

Yes. It is only $15 for groups of 10 or more. And you can use one name to buy them all and change the names of the tickets into whoever’s name you want to after you purchase them anytime before the show. It’s super easy with all of this modern technology.

Can I be a vendor at the show?

Yes, if we still have slots open. Click here to sign up and someone from our team will get back with you.

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