Send an ActiveCampaign Email

Select New Campaign

Enter a Campaign Name

Select the Lists to Mail To

I always select the main list and the RHETORIC & Live Events list. Others are added or used as required.

Select a Campaign Template

You can use a fancy design that there, but many successful email marketers use straight text with the occasional picture for emphasis or to make a point that can’t be made in text. You can use past Campaigns as a starting point and just edit them from there.

Enter From Name and Email

Depending on how personal you want the email to feel and who or what you have set up to answer emails, select the name and email address it will be coming from.

Edit the Email

  1. Edit the text
  2. Add pics or other items (like buttons for purchases) as necessary from the blocks.

Once you begin to edit a block, customization options will appear in the gray section where you selected the block from.

Check and Test Before Emailing

  1. Verify you like the subject.
  2. Double check the from name and email
  3. Keep this on
  4. Keep this on
  5. Select an email to send to. If you’re sending to yourself and you don’t have another email address, be sure to check your spam when you send the test.
  6. When you get the email, click all of the links and images to make sure they go to the right link location.

Get Ready to Schedule/Send Email

  1. Ensure the right lists are selected. You should be able to roughly tell by the number of contacts.
  2. Make sure the right address is being used.
  3. Name the links you will be tracking. (more in next step)
  4. Either be ready to send immediately or schedule for sending at a future time.
  5. Perhaps send yourself another test if you want to triple check.
  6. Don’t use either of these.
  7. When it’s all good, send or schedule the email for sending.

Customize Link Tracking

When you have links in your email, you should use bitly shortened links to track activity. Give the link a name so you know what it is when you review the reports on the email performance.

All Done!

You’re campaign is sent. Just check reports to see how it’s doing.