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Ep. 9 Uncool Christmas @beleafmel #beleafinfatherhood

I use to think that being cool was the most important thing. As you can tell that’s not the case anymore. Trying to live up to others standards of what’s “cool” is literally the corniest thing to do nowadays. Being cool alienates the weirdos and when we let are guards down we find out that we all have a little weirdo in us.

To allow our children to be comfortable we have to give up the piece of us that says; “Be cool,” “don’t have too much fun,” “don’t cry,” “don’t be silly,” “be a man,”. We have to redefine what a man is so our sons will have a front row seat to what it means to be a REAL MAN. And our daughters will have high expectations on who they ALLOW to pursue them. Check out this video as I’m learning how to trade cool for comfort.

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