Beleaf in Fatherhood – Episode 4 TRAILER – “Malfunctioning Is Normal”

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EPISODE 4 – In this episode, Theo and Uriah malfunction and Beleaf tries to keep his cool.

BELEAF IN FATHERHOOD is a new Web series that chronicles rapper, Beleaf (of the Dream Junkies) as he navigates his full time job as a stay at home dad, while managing his own music career!

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3: “Passion Mark”: Anniversary Edition @beleafmel

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Yvette and I celebrate 5 years of marriage by going on a short cruise, while leaving Theo and Uriah with their Grandparents. During our time away I realized how valuable alone time can be.

Song featured at the beginning and at 4:40 is called “did you know” by Beleaf
listen to the full version here
Produced by @DJREK

Song featured at :44 sec and minute 2 is produced by James Rodrigo, He used the theme music from the cartoon Inspector Gadget. This song will not be available except during Beleaf in Fatherhood Webisodes

Song featured at 5:07 is called “The Pillow” produced by @DjAktual
It will be available on the soundtrack.