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The Conversation | Episode 15 (Finale) – Speak Now or Hold Your Peace

Ladies, ever wonder if it’s a good time to bring up your problem with your spouse? Fellas, ever wish your girl would’ve shared a bit of information she decided to keep to herself? When’s a good time to speak, and when should matters just be kept quiet? Join the conversation as these men play “Speak Now or Hold Your Peace”! Ladies, this is for you! #P4CMTheConversation

The Conversation Series is a talk show about love, relationships, marriage, dating, waiting… and all that jazz! We’ll bring you topics that don’t get as much attention in an in-depth way, and you’ll hear from various men & women as they share their thoughts on the matter!

You want a place to share your thoughts, experiences & questions as it relates to love & relationships? YOU’VE FOUND IT!!!!


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God Bless!!!

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