Matt & Janette – 6 Month Update – Extended

WATCH THE FULL UPDATE INTERVIEW!!!! Get more details and valuable advice from this couple as they share in a moment of honest transparency with the Executive Director of P4CM. What has been the biggest adjustment to marriage from singleness thus far? What’s their favorite thing about being married? How do they balance having public ministry while protecting their privacy? Get the scoop in this FULL LENGTH 6 month update video!


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The Wait is Over??? Episode 6 | “I Waited for You”

THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! Matt and Janette…ikz are married!! You’ve watched Janette…ikz since 2010 starting with her piece “I Will Wait for You”, then watched her courtship with Matt throughout the series. Now watch the culminating wedding event and celebrate with the Newlyweds Matt & Janette Watson.

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Matt & Janette’s Wedding

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The Wait is Over??? Episode 4 | “Family Affair”

P4CM follows Matt & Janette…ikz to a family gathering and gets a glimpse of what life is like in the casual setting of home & family. We will get a look into the world of Janette…ikz, and how that world is impacted by her courtship with Matt.

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The Wait is Over??? Episode 3 | “So Close but So Far”

Watch Matt reunite with Janette…ikz after her 18 day spoken word tour of South Africa. AD interviews Janette..ikz and special cameo guest Ezekiel Azonwu, about what’s like being so far from the one you love.

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The Wait is Over??? Episode 2 | Matt

Watch Episode 2 of “The Wait is Over???”
Get to know Matt better as he answers tough questions and shares inside details about himself and his engagement with Janette…ikz
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The Wait is Over??? Episode 1 | Matt & Janette…ikz Intro

Get to know Janette..ikz and her fiancĂ© Matthew in P4CM’s newest series “The Wait is Over???”
Find out Janette’s nickname for Matt, who has a current hood pass, special wedding details, and SO MUCH MORE!

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