Sit on Stage at RHETORIC


We are looking for some folks who want to sit on stage at RHETORIC this year.  We need a few dozen people who…

  • Are authentic, hype and fun loving (you’ll be on camera and we want to see your smiling faces when it’s time to smile and serious ones when the words hit hard)
  • Can dress the part (We’ll have a nice set on stage and your look is part of the decor. Also, ladies, there will be some seats on pillows on the floor and cameras shooting from below so you gotta plan for that.)
  • Don’t mind being on camera, but ain’t tryna get their shine on (the focus is Christ and the poets, so please don’t try and become part of the show)
  • Love poetry

Sign Up Below

If you’re interested in sitting on stage and you have or plan on buying a ticket, please fill out the form below and we’ll notify if you’ll sit on stage.  And please add a pic or YouTube video so we can see your swag.  If you haven’t bought a ticket yet, you can get one at

If you’re in a group, please be sure each person in your group signs up individually if you all want to be there, but there is no guarantee that you’ll all get to sit there.