Update Featured Image on Blog

Click on the post

Click Edit Post

Remove Any Current Thumbnail

If a low quality thumbnail is currently there, remove it.

Click Set Featured Image

  1. To add a new featured image, click the link under Featured Image called Set featured image.

Upload a New Image

  1. Click on Upload Files
  2. Click on Select Files to upload a file or you can drop an image on the screen to upload it. Please try and make the file under 300k.
  3. To get thumbnails from the original videos, use this tutorial at this link. http://p4cm.info/1lUl5dZ

Select the Image You Uploaded

Make sure the image you uploaded is selected. It should appear in the top right of the screen. Then click on Set featured image.

Update the Post

Scroll up and click Update to save the new image. You can click view post to go back to the viewer’s perspective.