You Joined the Movement

Thanks!  You Signed Up to Join the Movement!

Thanks for joining the Movement.  Here’s a brief welcome message from the Executive Director


Here’s What you Do Next

To get started follow these steps.  Each step has links so click the blue text and you’ll be sent where you need to go.  Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference.

  1. Meet Our Team
    • Get to know the faces of the folks you’ll be working with.
  2. Read Our Core Values – This way you’ll know how we get down.
  3. Join Our Facebook Cyber Street Team Group
    • If signed up for the Cyber Street Team, join the Facebook group to keep up with what the team is doing and find out what you’ll be doing.
    • If you didn’t sign up for the Cyber Street Team, join the group anyway.  Everyone can help spread the word and it’s easy.
  4. Check Out Our Volunteer Manual
    • We want to keep clear instructions for volunteers on each team to help so we put it in documentation.  Check it out and see what else you can do to get started within your team.
  5. Stay connected with P4CM (links below)
  6. Invite 7 of your friends to Follow P4CM everywhere you just did in Step 4
  7. Be patient
    • Someone from the team you signed up for will be in touch with you.  But we’re a small team so it may take us a little time to get to you.


Thank you for your willingness to help us increase our online presence through engaging with people from all over the world. The volunteer work you do, large and small, will have a great impact on how well P4CM functions.  It will help us spark a movement that spans across the globe.