P4CM Blogging Process – Are You Down?

Thanks for Your Interest

Thanks for submitting the and your interest. We’ll take a look at what you sent and we will take it from there. Please be patient with us as we’re a small team with a big job review. While you wait, check out the expectations for a writer.

To get started, we always like to start on a trial basis as a volunteer. That way, you can get a feel for how we do things and we can get a feel for you. While the quality of the content is important, so is the working relationship. In this case, that trial will be two months with two pieces of content submitted per month if that is agreeable.

Then at the end of that period, we can make an honest open decision about whether or not to continue working together. We can say, let’s keep going or we’re both good people, but it’s not the right situation.

While completing the trial period, we will do our best to give open and honest feedback and expect the same. That way, we know way ahead of time if there’s something that needs to change and improve or if there isn’t a fit.

The writing relationship is not permanent or obligatory on either side unless you’re getting paid to complete a project. If you’re getting paid, the expectation is that you finish the contracted project and we make all appropriate payments. Barring that, either of us can decide at any time that we don’t want to continue the relationship writing even if we decide to maintain a friendly personal or professional connection. So don’t feel pressure or locked in. Let’s just do our best and enjoy!

I know that felt kinda serious, but I like to try to do the best to set clear expectations. If you have any, please let us know as soon as you can so we can always make decisions with full information about the best way to move forward.

The next step would be for you to take a look at our P4CM Writing Guide. You’ll need a google account to see it. That doesn’t mean you have to have gmail. You can have a google account without a gmail address. Once you have an account, click the link and request access online and I’ll give you access. If you look at it and you’re still in, come back here to us know and if your writing style fits what we’re looking for, we’ll get you signed up for our tools and get started writing!

I’m so excited to see what God will do in this season!

All you have to do is write per the Writing Guide. But I have two more requests to make for those interested. If you have any kind of skills with blogging no matter how basic, and would like to help with posting the articles once they’re ready, let me know. That includes, posting, writing social media posts, and making social media graphics.

Also, if you’re great at editing and you’d like to help edit the content from other writers, let me know that too when you reply. We’re ready to go without help, but the more help we get, the more we can publish and bless the people. Please fill out the short form below to confirm your interest.