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Become a RHETORIC Vendor

Each year we are excited to have some amazing vendors join us at RHETORIC. We’ve had clothing, jewelry and food companies as well as ministries and other non profit organizations.

It’s a great opportunity to get exposure to your brand from an audience of nearly 3500 people at the show and a countless number online. If you have something to sell, past vendors have done very well financially. Just get your name in early and get ready to do business. The spaces are limited.

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Vendors Love It

Johnny Young H8SIN

I’ve been exhibiting our brand H8SIN at RHETORIC for three years, each year I’ve had an amazing experience. We look forward to connecting with the P4CM audience at RHETORIC.

A question people usually ask…

What is included in the vendor package?

Vendor Package available for RHETORIC 2018.

  • Outdoor table for $300 (deposit of $150) that includes a logo advertisement.

All deposits are due within 3 days of receiving the invoice. All payments must be completed within a week of the invoice. This year there are only 10 vendor spots and they are on a first come first serve basis. Vendor Application will close on Sunday, July 1st.

All vendor packages include a vendor table per the contract you sign including four tickets to the show. To gain access to the auditorium where RHETORIC will be held, a staff member must have a ticket to the show. All tickets to the show will be given to the vendor main point of contact to distribute. Tickets for additional staff members beyond what is included in the vendor package can be purchased at regular price. There is a maximum of 5 people at a time allowed to work at each booth.

You can promote, provide information and giveaways about you or your organization at your table. You can also sell and/or promote your products, services or your organization via brochures, flyers, posters, banners, magazines, wristbands, CD’s and DVD’s, books, custom refreshments (e.g. drinks, desserts, light snacks, etc. APPROVAL REQUIRED), apparel (e.g. clothing and hats, jewelry), as well as setting-up your table with banners and posters, etc. All vendors must submit a high-resolution logo. We will also display a still photo promo of your logo on the screens during the show.

All selling and promotion MUST take place at your designated table. Please set-up your table in a presentable fashion. Your table must be approved by the P4CM Vendor Manager prior to check in time.

Vendor Package Request