Volunteer for RHETORIC

Serve with P4CM!

Volunteer for RHETORIC

Watch and see how much fun we have serving together at RHETORIC

How serving at RHETORIC will be a blessing to  you

  • The P4CM Team is Fun
    While putting on an amazing show with the great team at P4CM, you will have fun working with us.
  • You Will Grow As a Leader 
    There aren't many events like this in the world and the skills you will learn with us will help you grow.
  • You'll Be Blessed
    Lives change as a result of the ministry at RHETORIC and you will be Blessed to help make it happen.
  • The Show is Amazing
    Watch content from RHETORIC and you'll see that you'll be part of an amazing show.

Where You Can Serve

Here are a few additional places where we specifically need some help.

  • Website Development
  • Audio Visual OperatorS
  • Production Assistant

DIT - Digital Imaging Technician: Arguably one of the most important jobs on the AV team, we need you to catalog incoming footage from Camera Operators. You'll take raw footage and download it to hard drives that will keep all the footage we capture safe and sound.

Camera Assists/Production Assistant: Want to be a part of the action and learn new production skills? Be a cam assist andd/or production assistant and help set up shots, deliver footage to DIT, learn audio, and more!

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