The Journey to Covenant: Episode 1 | Preston + Jackie | @P4CM @Preston_n_Perry @JackieHillPerry

Preston and Jackie have a beautiful story about how God took them from friendship to engagement and now they’re on the road to the covenant relationship of marriage. Many of you wanted to see the behind the scenes story of them and their journey and this is the first episode where we learn about how they met and then how they allowed God to grow their love for one another.

Also, while they travel the world doing ministry through spoken word, they’re the definition of starving artists and would like your help as they plan for the big day. If the Lord leads you to support them in raising money for their wedding, please visit their fundraising site and donate what you can.

We will have future episodes on their journey to the altar so please stay tuned to or follow Preston and Jackie at @Preston_n_Perry and @JackieHillPerry

@P4CM Presents A Three Poem Set by Commoners and Kings @candkallday

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