@P4CM Presents Just God by @wordsbyezekiel #RHETORIC2013

RHETORIC 2013 was an amazing poetry event where over 3100 people were blessed by three hours of inspiring, creative, edifying spoken word. You can see the whole show on ustream at http://p4cm.com2013 Check out Just God by Ezekiel. He helps us see that despite unfortunate circumstances, even the most horrible, God is beyond fair because … Read more

I Love Hate Speech

So I’m the father of a three year old, beautiful, no filter having, sinful little girl. Yes, I said it, she IS sinful and so are your kids and everyone in your family.

WOW! I must really hate your family to say something like that, right? I’ll get back to that soon. But first, my own sinful kid…

She has discovered lying but is by no stretch of the imagination a master of it (praise God). On the other hand she has yet to develop the ability to sugar coat hard truths, she sometimes blurts out the most unapologetically truthful statements about what she is experiencing or thinking at any given moment.