The Conversation | Episode 15 (Finale) – Speak Now or Hold Your Peace

Ladies, ever wonder if it’s a good time to bring up your problem with your spouse? Fellas, ever wish your girl would’ve shared a bit of information she decided to keep to herself? When’s a good time to speak, and when should matters just be kept quiet? Join the conversation as these men play “Speak Now or Hold Your Peace”! Ladies, this is for you! #P4CMTheConversation

The Conversation Series is a talk show about love, relationships, marriage, dating, waiting… and all that jazz! We’ll bring you topics that don’t get as much attention in an in-depth way, and you’ll hear from various men & women as they share their thoughts on the matter!

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Galatians 5-22-23

The Bible says You will know a false prophet by their fruits. Well, the same goes for us, everyday people. What kind of fruit are you producing? Is it love or hate? Joy or anger? It’s important to feed your spirit with the word consistently that way your spirit gravitates to what is pure and true. … Read more