Love God, Help People

P4CM introduces a new “how-to” segment which will share the insight of an industry professional doing amazing things. In February 2014, Patrick McNease or PTheWyse from speaks about helping others while pursuing your dreams simultaneously.  Read this interview today and consider how God may be calling you to serve others in your own life.

Women & Biblical Literacy: Steppin’ Our Game Up! [Part 2]

Since the first installment of this article was published a week ago, there has been great feedback and it has been quite encouraging to see the desire women have to go deeper in their knowledge and study of God’s word. Now that we’ve put some of the facts of the matter on the table, let’s discuss how to bring all of this full circle.

I Love Hate Speech

So I’m the father of a three year old, beautiful, no filter having, sinful little girl. Yes, I said it, she IS sinful and so are your kids and everyone in your family.

WOW! I must really hate your family to say something like that, right? I’ll get back to that soon. But first, my own sinful kid…

She has discovered lying but is by no stretch of the imagination a master of it (praise God). On the other hand she has yet to develop the ability to sugar coat hard truths, she sometimes blurts out the most unapologetically truthful statements about what she is experiencing or thinking at any given moment.

Colossians 1:15 in Context

 “He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation.” (Col. 1:15, NASB)

Many read this verse and get hung up on the term “firstborn”. What does that mean? How is He the firstborn? Jehovah Witnesses believe and teach “that by Christ being the firstborn over all creation, he is actually the first created being through which all other things are created (see their New World Translation).” Mormons believe and teach that “Christ is literally the firstborn child of [the] Heavenly Father and one of his goddess wives

Sin Nature: Fact or Fiction

 On February 19, 2013 I posted this status: 

“It is arrogant of us to think we don’t need to repent/confess our sin to God every day.”

I thought I was long done with online debates. But this status led another brother to respond, and before you knew it the debate was on. Now this debate was short compared to some of my other online debates. Also, it was a civil dialogue and I believe truth was revealed. That’s why I am choosing to post this